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potage d'ajinomoto


You may be consuming monosodium glutamate (or free glutamates) in any food that contains:

enzyme modified,
anything fermented,
anything protein fortified,
anything ultra pasteurized,
autolyzed yeast,
barley malt,
calcium caseinate,
natural flavoring,
hydrolyzed oat flour,
hydrhydrolyzed vegetable,
olyzed protein,
malt extract maltodextrin,natural flavors,
plant protein extract,
potassium glutamate,
sodium caseinate,
soy protein,
soy sauce,
textured protein,
whey protein,
yeast extract,
yeast food.

check out this website http://www.newstarget.com/020550.html

Save the Earth

In light of recent discussions about carbon emissions, i'll like to discuss the benefits of driving 'clean' cars. in the literal sense, a clean car is of course free from vermin and those bateria colonies normally found in petri dishes. HOWEVER im talking environmentally friendly cars.

this is the situation here in Singapore. ' The only hybrid car currently sold in Singapore is the Honda Civic Hybrid, which costs $16,000 more than a standard 1.6-litre Civic VTi. Despite being nearly 50 percent more economical though, you'd need to drive the Civic Hybrid for some 440,000km to save enough fuel to account for the price difference. This works out to around 20 years of driving for the average Singaporean!'

source: http://www.aas.com.sg/fEATures/archive/f02054.htm

that is rather ridiculous if you expect to drive the same car for 20 years. ERP would probably have killed your wallet off long before you even hit the 20 year mark. gantries are going to be as common as street lamps (:

$16 grand can also translate to lots more petrol, so i say it's between saving the earth or your wallet. Till cheaper cars come out, i vote SAVE OUR WALLETS ! so you can save up enough to buy this beauty....and just scrap the 'go green' idea completely

OKAY im back

yes josh i shall be retaliating now.

'post more' how can i post more? haha i've nothing to say. busy working too...vacation job isn't really a vacation. it's a nice way of rephrasing the term 'child labor'. (okay im kiddding. my job's awesome and i get well taken care of, way too much..im getting fat)

'what blog is that?' that was my experiment with blogger which failed most pathetically.

what else did you say?

okay anyway the latest update is that MANCHESTER UNITED ARE NOW TOP OF THE EPL THE gunners misfired and shot themselves in the foot.

oh hi grain-fed porkchop (: im really to busy to write anything now. update soon. gotta scoot off to my kingly duties (monarch in utopia)


ok livejournal doesnt allow me to link ppl who arent in the circle of trust(i mean in livejournal) so it's essentially deadjournal..but i've gone and been kind to post ppl's blog links. so shoot me if i forgot yours and i'll get it done

Daniel: http://limnus.blogspot.com
Elaine: http://lainewants4kids.blogspot.com/
Who else? Mr RJC: http://readsilently.blogspot.com/
Red Fish(live): http://hongyu.livejournal.com/
Hannah: http://huiis.livejournal.com/
THE Xuan: http://www.the-xuan.blogspot.com/
Michelle( 100% pure grain-fed porkchop): http://godblesseveryone.blogspot.com/
Rugged Rugger(alliteration here): http://the-path-less-travelled-by.blogspot.com/

A Day At Work...

9am: start work..
10am: veggie guy comes, lots of other delivery guys come too
10.30-11am: slack time..no one comes
11.45: Low Cheng Kong comes..(the fish man..NOT HONGYU!)
12am: lunch!

1pm-5: admin work

thats it.


SO MANCHESTER UNITED won!! though it was only 1-0...

i started work as a receiving clerk aka storeman aka admin help today. it was EXHAUSTING. this says it all

Happy New Year Folks!

New Year is finally here...it might be stress, age or whatever but it doesnt seem such a big deal. (might be the thought of NS that is to blame) i couldnt go for Rachel Ng's party about 10 hours ago..but i did manage to complete the single player campaign for Warhammer 40000; squad command for PSP and i can give some insructions to anyone struggling to get through.

Levels 13 and 15 are of EXTREME difficulty, so listen if you do not want to retry the mission repeatedly.

Level 13 is basically getting swamped by enemies. The trick is to fight upwards towards the top right hand side of the PSP screen. that's where you can get the best cover, though the destructible surroundings mean that you'll inevitably get shot to bits if you stay put. Divide your forces with the men moving towards the bottom right and killing of the enemies there. the aim is to buy time for your big guy who makes full use of the cover while taking out enemies who come from botttom. *take out the bloodletters and those rocket launching buggers first, as they deal the most damage* dont worry about the 15 turn survival, because once you kill all 44 enemies, you just keep passing your turn till you hit 15 (:

Level 15 is easier. make use of the land raider's primary weapon and blast away at the fog of war. there are two big chaos defilers, big spiderlike things, at the top left and right of your objective. keep blasting till they are destroyed. keep your men behind ample cover unless you want themn blasted to bits. this method makes the level easy to conquer but the multiple turns you take costs you points.

thats about all...now for the Manchester United later against Birmingham. I hope the hammers hammer the gunners.


Ok this is a quick entry....my first time on livejournal or any other blogging site. Next entry when i get back in the New Year!! with the New Year comes...

*new school (BMTC sch 1)
*new uniform (of course...)
*new whatever else is new

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